26 May

The Swashbuckling King’s Gambit

Three-quarters of a century ago, Siegbert Tarrasch said, “It is almost madness to play the King’s Gambit.”  A half-century ago, Bobby Fischer professed to having refuted it.  Nowadays, myriads of the less prominent scorn it as it belongs to a bygone period of devil-may-care sacrificing, but this swashbuckling opening refuses to die out completely. After […]

24 May

Made in China

The month of May has seen further evidence that China’s long march from chess obscurity to chess supremacy continues with a series of good results.  In early May, Wei Yi, the 17-year-old teenage world No.1, captured his third successive national title, and with it a place in the FIDE World Cup. Then Wang Hao won […]

22 May

Chinese Whispers

Napoleon is famously said to have declared, “When China wakes, it will shake the world.” As a nation, China only entered into the international chess arena in the late 1970s, and then went on to dominate the women’s game. But the yardstick in chess is always measured by progress in the men’s (or “open”) game, […]

19 May

Moving Day

In major golf tournaments, Saturday is often referred to on the circuit as “moving day”, as that’s when the leaders try to set themselves up so that they are ideally placed on the leaderboard to have a chance of being in contention for the final round push. And if there were such a thing as […]

17 May

The China Syndrome

The lone woman blazing a trail for her gender in the FIDE Grand Prix cycle is Hou Yifan of China – and recently, due to many disagreements with the governing body over the direction of the women’s game, the No.1 female player “abdicated” her crown by not taking part in the controversial Women’s World Championship […]

16 May

Here Comes Summer

Thank you to all of the teachers who helped implement the First Move chess program this year. We could not make this program a success without you! We wanted to touch base before the year is over with a few important details about the First Move program over the summer. If your school has not […]

15 May

Shak, Rattle & Roll

The second leg of Fide’s 2017 World Chess Grand Prix series of competitions to determine the challengers for the 2018 Candidates’ tournament began last Friday in Moscow, Russia. It’s an important stepping stone in the current world championship cycle, as the winner of the Candidates’ will go forward to challenge current World Champion Magnus Carlsen for […]

12 May

Deep Thinking

It’s said that chess lost its soul 20 years ago this very week.  That was the perception of the general public when reigning world champion Garry Kasparov succumbed to the IBM computer Deep Blue in New York on May 11, 1997, in the match “Man vs. Machine.” It was inevitable that one day machines would […]

10 May

Bringing the Siberian Heat

While they may not have faired well in recent times on the international stage, Russia’s team league is by far the strongest in the world, and now can arguably claim to eclipse the venerable German Bundesliga. But those great former Soviet chess metropolises’ of Moscow and St. Petersburg are not the perennial victors nowadays – […]

08 May

The Chinese Trifecta

The oft-used unofficial term “Super-Grandmaster” refers to the cream of the crop of GMs, those who have successfully climbed the greasy ladder to the 2700 rating-point level in the world rankings.  Until China’s teenage sensation Wei Yi came along, the youngest person ever to attain that standing was Magnus Carlsen, our current world champion and […]