19 Apr

The End of the Year Online Tournament

Our final online tournament for the school year is coming up! Students are encouraged to participate and put their chess knowledge that they have learned this year to the test.

The End of the Year Online Tournament will be held Wednesday, May 3rd from 7am to 9pm in your time zone! The top 3 students, as well as the class with the most games completed, will win a prize!!

How to Access Online Play 

Go to http://www.play.af4c.org/
Enter your user name (first name) and password 
Once online select "click here to play chess" and begin playing


If you have lost or forgotten your password click the lost password link and it will be emailed directly to you. If you have not registered your students or had your students complete their own registration, please do so prior to the tournament to be eligible.

How Winners are Determined

Games played are calculated for both the Pawn Game and the regular game of chess. A point will be given to each student for each game played and completed. Points will be tallied at the end of the tournament and winners will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, and via email.


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