10 Nov

Chess Lady Visits Schools in Antigua


What an amazing trip!!  I just returned from a week in Antigua in the West Indies where I held teacher trainings and visited schools.  Through a grant from Rotary International, the Rotary Club of Antigua and the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club, we were able to bring First Move to 29 classrooms in Antigua public schools this year.  That’s about 650 children in Antigua who now get to have chess in their classrooms!


The people in Antigua were so nice and helpful.  Rotarians drove us to all of the schools to visit with the children and teach a lesson.  The kids were eager learners and jumped right into the lessons.  Most of these schools have computer labs (also sponsored by Rotary) so hopefully our kids in the USA will play online chess with kids in Antigua.  Get out your maps everyone!


There are 60 primary schools in Antigua; if all goes well, within a few years First Move will be in all of them!  I will be going back in February as part of a Rotary trip and I will hold a Chess Festival!  We will have a little tournament, learn the chess song and do the APE dance. Thank you Rotarians, teachers, Principals, and students of Antigua for a wonderful trip!

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