01 Oct

New Year New Schools New Enhancements

Shanelle Allen
First Move News

Despite the economic woes that have troubled the non-profit and education sectors this past year, the First Move Chess program is seeing much growth. First Move is happy to report that 88 new schools signed on for the chess program this year, bringing with them 456 new classrooms. Happily, over 165 schools returned to the program with more than 1,100 classrooms participating. The new and returning schools range in size, and are spread across the country.

As expected, First Move saw expanded growth in districts with schools currently implementing First Move, reporting that expansion took place in large districts including: Atlanta, Chicago, Spring ISD, Seattle, St. Louis, and even further growth in the State of Idaho. First Move was also pleased to announce that new districts such as: Philadelphia, Houston, and Las Vegas decided to pilot the First Move program the 2009-2010 school year.

This year, First Move added incentives and enhancements to the First Move curriculum and program. First Move began including a Family Activity Book as part of the curriculum. The Family Activity Book provides curriculum and concept enhancement, and serves as a positive and fun way to increase parent involvement. The Family Activity Book was made possible by the founding sponsors Smart Lab Toys (www.smartlabtoys.com/weird), Zula World (www.zulaworld.com), and Big Fish Games, (www.bigfishgames.com/firstmove1), who helped underwrite the cost.

Also new this year is training and introduction webinars. First Move has been hosting training seminars via the web, and informational seminars via the web to new, and returning schools as well as those interested in learning more about the First Move program. The webinars serve as a platform for teachers across the country to come together and learn, ask questions, and provide insight into First Move. Upcoming webinar dates as well as tournaments and events can be found by visiting the First Move Calendar.


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